Welcome to Rother Greens. The web site for the Rother Green Party – covering the Rother District Council area of East Sussex. Jonathan Kent will once again be our candidate for Bexhill and Battle while Becca Horn will be the candidate for Hastings and Rye. Details of changed Westminster boundaries can be found on Ordinance Survey Election Maps.

Jonathan Kent

Jonathan Kent is the Green Party candidate for Bexhill and Battle.

Jonathan grew up and lives in Ticehurst in Sussex and went to local state schools before reading philosophy and theology at Oxford. As a former journalist and foreign correspondent, he campaigned on issues including human rights, miscarriages of justice, the treatment of migrant workers and sex trafficking.

Jonathan says: “People are really struggling at the moment – the NHS, schools, transport and the other services we rely on have been run down, the cost of living is rising and incomes aren’t stretching as far as they used to.”

“Wildlife and nature are struggling too. Our beaches and rivers are polluted, habitats are being destroyed. At the same time countries that should be finding ways to work together to stop our climate spinning out of control are increasingly in conflict with one another instead.”

“It doesn’t have to be this way. Greens believe that the answer lies in working together across social divides and party lines to build a Britain and a future in which everyone matters”.

Jonathan Kent

Becca Horn

Becca Horn is the Green Party candidate for Hastings and Rye.

I am excited that the General Election has finally been called. This is a momentous opportunity for change across the country. Greens are looking to quadruple our MPs in Westminster: imagine 4 MPs working as hard as Caroline Lucas does! For the first time ever, the Green Party are set to stand a full slate of candidates, meaning everyone, everywhere will have the chance to vote Green.

Here in Hastings, we’ve seen the Green wave strengthening through our recent local elections, where Greens took 38% of the vote and are now the biggest group on the council. Now I know some people might worry about voting Green in the general election here, but I would ask you to consider this: if you really want change, why would you not vote for it? Why vote for yet more of the same, or ‘same but different’?

With the Conservatives set for a huge defeat and Labour set to win overall, the real question is: how well do you want this version of Labour to win?

On 4th July, you have a choice. You can choose to send a message of rejection of our failed two-party system, and a message of hope for a new and fairer future. A future where the super-rich get taxed just 1% to raise £50bn to do things like build truly affordable council homes, reverse the privatisation of our NHS, protect our natural environment and renationalise our water and rail services. These are all things many of you have told me that you want – so why wouldn’t you vote for it?

Imagine what a Green voice for Hastings & Rye could do: a voice that’s free to speak up for what we really want for our towns, as opposed to just another mouthpiece for their national party’s leader. Greens in Parliament will challenge Starmer’s Labour to stand up for climate, social and economic justice for all

“Vote for the change you really want to see in our town, and in our world. Vote Green.”

Becca Horn

We have an active membership in this area, and meet regularly.  Most of our meetings are on Zoom, though some in person. We meet in Bexhill, Battle, Robertsbridge and Rye. All meetings start at 7:30 unless otherwise stated. Locations will be updated once known.

Meeting dates 2024: TBC with General Election 2024

  • 17th July 2024
  • 18th September 2024
  • 20th November 2024
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