Next meeting - 29 March 2017 - 7:00pm at the Wickham Bistro, Bexhill

22 February 2017

Rother Green Party met on 8th February in Bexhill ahead of the forthcoming elections. We are really keen to stand candidates in May and so we will next be getting together at the Wickham Bistro (Wickham Avenue, Bexhill), 7pm, on March 29th so that anyone interesting in standing can get help with nomination papers etc. Please do put yourselves forward as it gives people a chance to vote Green. There's very little danger of being elected as a paper candidate so if you're concerned you might find yourselves on the council you won't unless you really want to put in an enormous effort.

At the 8th February meeting we discussed our platform for Bexhill itself and we're very keen that people living in the town organise locally to promote it. There are a slew of particular issues such as pavements, potholes, parking, pedestrianisation, cycling etc etc that fall under the umbrella of a more liveable Bexhill. A second key issue is housing, a major worry for people nationwide.

Lastly we heard from Doug Oliver, one of only two independent councillors in Rother, and we broadly agreed to throw our weight behind a campaign to reinstate Bexhill Town Council. Doug gave an interesting talk about his work and his hopes and plans for Bexhill.

We were also joined by David Gee who has lived in Bexhill for four years, he was previously Senior Advisor on Science Issues for the EU, based in Copenhagen.  He has worked with Jonathan Porritt, Friends of the Earth and currently runs the Science Cafe, who meet once a month in Bexhill.

It was good to welcome several new members, and since the meeting several more new members have joined – thank-you for doing so and we look forward to meeting you.

So thanks to all of you who came. It was a great turnout. Do come along next month. And let's stir things up a bit in our neck of the woods.

Very best wishes

Jonathan Kent and Polly Gray