Adam Smith - our candidate for Rye and Eastern Rother division of East Sussex County Council

5 April 2017

Adam Smith, Candidate for Rye and Eastern RotherThe Green Party has chosen Adam Smith to stand for the Rye & Eastern Rother division in the upcoming County Council elections. Adam is a former Rye Town Councillor & Chair of the Planning & Townscape Committee, who helped initiate Rye’s Neighbourhood Plan and blocked commercial development on land designated for housing in Rye. He has also served as a Rye Community Primary School governor.

Adam is an ardent defender of local GPs & NHS hospitals, which he believes must remain in public hands & be more fully supported.

“Many of our local schools are failing our children as a result of draconian cuts, lack of resources & under investment,” Adam says. “Meanwhile the current Tory dominated County Council has been only too happy to asset strip whatever local education authority and NHS land they can and flog it to the highest bidder. In many cases the school sites they sold off could well have been used to provide more places as our existing schools become overcrowded.”

As a Green councillor Adam would also push for moves to encourage new local jobs and housing, especially on brownfield sites, to meet local needs. He also wants to keep a stricter eye on spending to stop the Tory county council wasting taxpayers’ money.

“The Tories always like to project competence, but even a casual look at what they do makes it clear that they’re incompetent at best and at worst completely suspect. East Sussex needs a strong opposition to keep a watch to prevent dodgy deals and ensure our precious services aren’t wrecked.”

Adam wants a greener, more sustainable society & supports initiatives such as Rye’s “Greenway” project, the aims of RX Power & the Transition Rye movement. He is strongly opposed to fracking anywhere and equally strongly supports local sustainable power generation schemes.

As a County Councillor he would push for tougher parking enforcement policies - a County wide problem –seek further traffic calming schemes, pedestrian only areas, greater safety zones outside schools and promote a better, greener public transport system (something the Tories have always promised but consistently failed to deliver).

Adam also believes our waterways are an under-used transport resource, perfect for the movement of bulky agricultural & forestry products and a great opportunity to create jobs.

Adam lives in East Sussex with his wife, three children & his grandson. He has enjoyed a varied career, one that’s taught him plenty about life, from labourer to company director & union negotiator. He is currently involved in product development for novel probiotic foods & beverages. He has a BSc(Hons) from Brighton University in oenology & viticulture.